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ORLO Management was established in 2009 and provides property management services and oversight to all ORLO owned properties. ​Providing a direct connection to our properties provides a significant advantage to investors, as intimate knowledge of a property and its staff help to maximize operating efficiencies and capitalize on opportunities.  


Our management team consists of seasoned and talented individuals with an intimate and unique insight and strategy to all management services. We utilize paperless leasing, resident management and communication through Entrata property management software. ​


Contact ORLO's Management division today to explore how we can work together.

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Multifamily Leasing and Management 

​Whether its market rate, senior housing, student housing or commercial property, from marketing and lease up to rent collection and delinquency management our team is highly experienced in all areas and before a property changes hands it's best to have a third party take a look. ORLO brings expertise to services such as due diligence, and repositioning properties. 

Are We the Right Fit 

for You?

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Facilities Management

Our team of seasoned maintenance techs and regional maintenance managers keep our communities’ infrastructure performing at a high-level. Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders allows us to also guarantee great service at a competitive price point. 


Our services include hiring and managing staff, budgeting and service request management. We also implement and oversee property renovation and expansion projects. Clients benefit from our presence in the market as regular buyers of a wide range of goods and services. 

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