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Led by a team of industry professionals, ORLO is a private equity real estate group with a long term track record that focuses on value-orientated strategies of renovations, development and repositioning in U.S. markets in the Eastern Region. Proven to deliver consistently high, risk-adjusting returns to investors. 


ORLO owns and operates a range of multi family and commercial properties. We sustain a well maintained secure and comfortable home for our residents with the support of our accessible, professional and friendly team members dedicated to providing outstanding and responsive customer service. 


Through our private capital network, we can engage promising investment opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to investors restricted to public market transactions. Typical investments include multifamily, office & medical and industrial and commercial retail centers with a purchase price between $20,000,000 and $200,000,000. 


Our capital management strategy of renovation, development and repositioning is highlighted by matching long term investment with long term capital growth with a focus on cost-effective capital from a variety of sources. 


Contact our team to learn more about how ORLO may fit into your investment portfolio. 

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