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Affordable Housing Preservation

Preserving affordability of our current housing for the future.

Due to rents continuing to rise and incomes either stagnating or increasing there is a growing opportunity gap for affordable housing solutions. As the market evolves ORLO has assessed opportunities to preserve the availability of affordable housing options. Leveraging our expertise in asset investment and management we are able to secure communities that are beneficial for both tenants and investors.


With 60+ years of combined experience, in collaboration with industry leaders in affordable housing, both privately and through local governments, our team leverages our long-standing relationships to secure strategic and beneficial opportunities.

Flexibility & Speed

ORLO has a strong track record of leveraging private sector agility and know-how to partner with governmental agencies and others on over $500,000,000 of projects with affordable housing components.

Investment Strategy

ORLO’s investment team engages in the value-add repositioning of  both naturally occurring and restricted affordable communities, with our target affordability at 60% AMI or below. Our expertise and capabilities in sourcing, underwriting and asset management show extraordinary affordability results in the local community.

Affordability at Work

ORLO is a committed stakeholder with a long-term investment approach of acquiring and holding assets to ensure affordability requirements remain in place. We strive to enhance cash flow by moving rents to their affordable limits.

Background & Committment

For almost two decades, ORLO has provided affordable housing to families and seniors. Since our establishment in 2006, ORLO has achieved remarkable success in the preservation and creation of value-add affordable housing. We are excited for future partnerships and moving forward in the decades to come.

Better Together

Financial returns with a positive social impact. We not only give back in equitable returns to our institutional and private wealth investors, we provide social returns to the local community.

Solid Accomplishments

Transforming our communities with firsts including the $11.4 million project of the largest rooftop solar project on a multifamily property in Montgomery County, Seneca Village Apartments.

Vertical Integration

We are uniquely vertically integrated in almost every facet of asset management. We are owner-operated and offer construction services, in-house security, pest control services, and wholesale supplies. When there capital improvements or value add turns that are needed, this is done by our construction division which enables us to have invaluable insight and oversight. All communities offer CCTV monitoring as well as on site security, ensuring all communities are safe and monitored at all times.

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Becoming A Force for Change

Working with ORLO means working with a partner dedicated to preserving affordable housing while maintaining a strong ROI for investors. Our blend of expertise, personalized solutions, and commitment to innovation ensures that our projects, big or small, are succesful. With ORLO, you're not just partnering with a management firm, you're gaining a strategic ally committed to success.

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