About Us

Orlo is a discretionary private real estate firm investing in select residential and commercial properties in the Eastern region of the United States. We invest in a wide range of projects that provide an opportunity for major value increase by purchasing, developing and managing each asset.

Through our private capital network, we can engage promising investment opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to investors restricted to public market transactions. Typical investments include multi-family, office/medical office, industrial and commercial retail centers with a purchase price between $20,000,000 and $200,000,000.

Our Team


Aaron has served as the founding chairman and CEO of Orlo since 2006. He has vast experience and knowledge in all areas of real estate management, acquisition, finance and operation. In addition, Mr Orlofsky has overseen at least a billion dollars of real estate transactions.

Mr Orlofsky is very detailed oriented and seeks every advantage for his investors through very favorable financings, astute and prudent operation and value-added insights that increase the overall return on investment. Aaron is personally involved with all aspects of the operations, and delegates carefully, while maintaining full oversight of every transaction. While seeking maximum returns, Aaron also takes seriously his civic and moral responsibilities so that tenants are well provided for and happy with their rental arrangements.  Aaron strongly believes that business operations should be accomplished so that investors, tenants and the general community reap the benefits.

Chief operating officer

Matthew manages the daily operations at Orlo, working closely with Mr. Orlofsky on all aspects of the business.  Matthew works with and oversees all departments at Orlo and ensures effective and efficient operation in each of the business lines.  He also interacts regularly with investors of the firm.  Matthew graduated from Columbia College and received his JD from New York University School of Law. He was a bankruptcy and restructuring lawyer at Willkie Farr & Gallagher and O’Sullivan, and Graev & Karabell. Matthew then managed equity hedge funds for over a decade, at Salomon Brothers Asset Management, Citigroup Alternative Investments, Saranac Capital and Societe Generale, serving as a Director and a Senior Portfolio Manager.

Chief Financial Officer

Marc S. Orlofsky, Esq, our chief financial officer, brings a wealth of tax, legal and financial knowledge to ORLO. He is a tax attorney by training and has more than 35 years’ experience in assisting taxpayers with their tax issues, and has advised large accounting firms for many years. Marc has extensive experience in tax planning for a multitude of complex tax transactions, and he uses these skills to review and assist ORLO in planning and navigating tax and financial issues concerning all ORLO Fund investments and operational issues. Marc also provides general legal and financial oversight for ORLO to assist in providing maximum service and returns to our investors while minimizing potential financial and legal obstacles. 

Chief investment officer

Jeff leads the acquisition and asset management departments.  He vets possible investments, manages all aspects of acquisitions, and oversees day to day operations at the properties .  Jeffrey graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Masters Degree in Counseling.  Jeffery is also a certified project manager (PMP) from the Project Management Institute and brings his understanding of organizational dynamics, superior analytical skills, and his ability to effect positive change at ORLO.


Zev received a MBA from Johns Hopkins University and brings unique analytical insight to investments and to the ORLO operation as a whole. Zev has earned a reputation as a trusted adviser for money managers and private investors, and excels at matching investors with appropriate investment opportunities.


Eli oversees the daily operations and development at ORLO properties. He manages the maintenance staff at each property, interacts with outside vendors and service providers, and coordinates with property management and corporate staff. Eli brings expert skills to his responsibilities, having extensive experience in custom carpentry, fine woodworking and custom furniture making. He has an educational background with a focus on architecture and design, and has construction and electrical experience. He is also a licensed contractor. Eli is a “people person,” having honed his customer service skills while overseeing sales, logistics and customer service at a large and busy warehouse. Eli is devoted to his family, enjoys community activities, sports, and the general outdoors. Eli is passionate about providing tenants with quality care in a timely and concerned manner.

Jennifer Velasco
President of human resources and corporate liaison

Jen oversees all aspects of Human Resources at ORLO.  She is also an important link between the corporate staff in Laurel and staff at the various properties.

Timnah Yefet
VP of sales and marketing

In her role, Timi oversees the leasing and marketing activities at all residential and commercial properties of ORLO.  All property management and leasing staff will report directly to Timi with respect to leasing and marketing activities and budgets.

Evan Schwartz
Associate director of acquisitions

Evan collaborates with Jeff and the corporate team on sourcing new opportunities and executing deals. Additionally, Evan works with Jeff and Matthew on stabilizing and institutionalizing all aspects of ORLO.

Lisa seemann

Lisa comes to us with almost 20 years of commercial, multi-family, and residential construction real estate experience.  She has worked with companies as both a consultant and a controller, giving her exposure and experiences throughout the industry and business cycle. Her primary function is to manage the accounting department.  She works with our staff to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all aspects of financial reporting.   

She holds a MBA from the Kogod School of Business at American University and received her CPA license in 2009.